Sunday, 3 June 2012

Eliminate Inequality not women


Don't go out alone at night
That encourages men
Don't go out alone  at any time
Any situation encourages some men.
Don't stay at home
Intruders and relatives both can rape.
Don't go out without clothes
That encourages men. 
Don't go with clothes
Any clothes encourage some men.
Avoid childhood
Some rapists are turned on by little girls.
Avoid old age
Some rapists prefer aged women.
Don't have father, grandfather, uncle or brother...
These are all relatives that most often rape young women.
Don't have neighbours
These often rape.
Don't marry
Rape is legal within marriage
To be quite sure
Don't exist! 

( Insaaf Poster Magazine, Vikas Adnyan Kendra, Mumbai, 1998) 

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