Thursday, 28 June 2012

Time to show some real woman power!!

 One may think that we live in a world where men and women are equal! Gender inequality? Oh u must be talking about the ancient times! We today are living in the 21st century - an equal, brilliant, accommodative, all accepting progressive society!  Alas! One is wrong!
 We as a collective society have numerous ideas that have been engraved into our mindsets that prevent us from easily accepting even a survivor of rape, once we know the truth of her horrific nightmarish life. Instead of sympathising with her and patting her on her back for being so brave and having the courage to start anew, we push away, wrong her, thinking ‘oh it must have been her fault’! Why? Why are we so immature and close minded as a society! Why is everything always a woman’s fault? If she is raped, that’s because she must have provoked him, or she was wearing provocative clothing not because he is just a disgusting animal who is blinded in the quest for ascertaining his power over another human being! Yes power. Rape my friends is not a sexual act. It is an act of power, one that is done to keep the girl ‘in her place’, to show her that if he wants he can render her powerless and helpless and tear her apart, just because he wants to and she cannot do anything about it! If he cheats on her it must be because she can’t take care of him not because he was a filthy dog who couldn’t keep his member in his pants! A woman is blamed even when she can’t give her family ‘a son’, for crying out loud, when anyone who has read a science textbook in class 6 can tell that in truth it is men who are responsible for the chromosome that determines the sex of the child!  Now u may argue, that most people who blame women haven’t read this text book, but again you are wrong! Even Highly educated people living  hollow lives in palatial mansions are still the ones to blame their daughters in law for the absence of a grandson! Why is it about a grandson anyway! A child is a child! A bundle of happiness and joy! But no! We want a boy!
Why? Why are we so mean to women, I say ‘we’ here because we women are not less! We judge other women, call them names. When any of the above happens, we are the first ones to pass careless comments like, ‘if u wear clothes like that, that’s what happens ’ or ‘ maybe she could not keep him happy, if u know what I mean * wink* ’. We don’t wince once before calling other women sluts or bitches! Then who on earth gave us the authority to label men as the bad guys!
In order for this world to become a better, safer place for ourselves, for our sisters and our daughters, we have to change the way we think! We women have to make an effort to replace the archetype that is engraved on our collective psyche with a positive one! Next time you look at another woman and you are about to pass a comment about her clothes, her hair or anything about her stop yourself right there and think again! What right do you have to say that about her? Everyone has a story, everyone has their own reasons to do what they do and live the way they live and wear what they wear! And even if they don’t, they have a right to that! If you can’t say something nice, you’d rather not say anything at all! You may notice that when you start to look at the good things in another person you start to appreciate yourself as well! All your ‘blemishes’ and ‘cellulite’ and other insecurities disappear! Cause only someone who is utterly insecure about themselves can say something mean and judgemental about someone else.  Start looking at the brighter side of their story and see how your story gets better as well. Only when we do this can we proudly strive to change the mentality of our fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands! We have to respect ourselves first before we expect these men to respect us.
Some of u may think but what difference will it make if one woman changes her attitude, but hell yes! If one woman can start a world then she can very well change it! 

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