Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just some revelations..

...I am doing okay, lots of ups and downs! So much of growing up am doing here! In just a few months i have matured so much! Having such amazing revelations! Getting in touch with myself and figuring out life! Hard stuff and not so fun sometimes! Sometimes i have some revelations and i jump with joy and sometimes i cry all night! But its okay! I have my up days and my down days, and its okay. Am learning to accept it all, coz its all part of me. I am learning to love it all and learning to forgive.
Life is hard love, no one said it would be simple, but its the only thing we got and we lucky to have it! Make it simple, uncomplicate and feel wat u are feeling. Dont pretend, not even for a minute! If you feel low, feel low! If u r blah, be blah! So what! When u are happy you dont say,' hey am happy!!'  Let me do something about it!! So then why try to do something about it when you are sad? Just let it be, it will go away. Just let go! 

Get busy doing stuff you love, challenge yourself! Listen to your favorite song again and again and watch your favorite movie! Treat yourself nice! Love yourself and make it about YOU. :) 

Coz you're worth it! ;) Muahahahhah!

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