Sunday, 4 September 2011

Retail Therapy!

Retail Therapy

" Whoever said, ' money can't buy happiness' , simply didn't know where to go shopping! "
I can’t agree more with these words! People reprimand me time and again, every time I walk in with my hands full of shopping bags (Paper bags) I get those ' she-shopped- again! 'looks from people around me!

Why do I shop people ask me? Well its simple, shopping makes me happy! Wen I walk into a store, it’s an experience! The smell of brand new clothes, bags, accessories and shoes! Those visually stimulating pretty things neatly lined up waiting for you to buy them! Longing, calling out to you… 'buy me buy me' small tiny voices calling out!
I look at them, and suddenly i see that one pair of shoes or bag or dress that catches my eye! 
I lose my mind especially when I see a beautiful pair of shoes, what happens next goes something like this...

'My heart skips a beat, I start breathing harder, and as i walk towards it, I can hear the silence of the world that has come to a standstill around me!
I pick up the pair of beautiful Manolo Blahnik shoes, and get a my heart skips yet another beat as i see the price! I know I can’t afford them, but then i remember the vicious credit card lying in my bag calling to me lustfully! Come on, I will be able to handle this, I say to myself, I'll just pay later! Look at those shoes, they need to be bought right now, they will look so fabulous in my collection of shoes! So, giddy with nail biting nervousness and a crazy adrenaline rush because of my super impulsive decision, i go ahead and buy them! And oh it feels so good! Almost orgasmic! 
BUT, just a few minutes later, as I walk out of the shop, like all impulsive decisions I make I begin to regret this one immediately!! After a few minutes of cursing myself and a little bit of faux soul searching, I just peep in my bag and take another look at MY new beautiful shoes! and voila! there all those thoughts of regret are quickly replaced with thoughts of 'what-am- I- going- to- wear- these- shoes- with' and I am on a shoes high for the next few days! 

So this is what shopping and shoes do to me, and I know countless other women and mind u, a few men, who get their kicks from shopping this way. We shop when we are happy, we shop when we are sad, we shop for an occasion, or just coz we're glad! We shop when we're bored; we shop ' just like that' ... A beautiful woman once rightly said "when women are depressed, they go shopping. When men are depressed they invade a country. It’s a whole different way of thinking! '"

Shopping is a drug , it gets u as high as marijuana and makes u forget all your troubles! Though Credit card bill troubles are a different story altogether, and u can guess what I do to get over that...? :D

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