Monday, 21 February 2011

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaarling public mein sansani ek baar karne do!

So that excatly wat the movie saat khoon maaf did! Total sansani film! 2 hours of absolute edge of your seat entertainment!
Quite a dark movie and people with a weak heart should avoid it! There were quite a few mixed reviews in the papers.. while a few papers gave it only 2 stars calling it a disappointment a few others gave it 4! A must watch!
And eventhough a few of my closest friends advised me against it I still just had to watch the film!! And am so glad i did!
Its a freaky movie even scary! Prinyanka Chopra has stolen the show yet again with her acting skills and kudos to the make up artist man!!
For those who dont know much abt the movie.. its based on a short story by Ruskin Bond called Sussana's seven Husbands.. the story abt a woman in the search of true love, who ends marrying the wrong men all the time and ends up killing them too!
Though i still wondered if it was necessary to Kill all the men.. she could have just divorced them! Some men i agree deserved what they got.. (this is wat should be done to wife beaters!! ) but the others i thought were unnecessary.. but again if she wouldnt kill them the movie would not be made rite? i mean come on 2 husbands toh easily get killed even in our hindi serials! :P
 Even though at some parts of the movie u feel like the woman is a complete psychopath u actually feel bad for her in the end! !
She is just a woman in search of love who finds it but with all the wrong men! :(
A few images in the film give u the chills and even after the movie is over u wait around to see if there is anything more that is to happen!

Only complaint though is that it leaves u very confused as to who is the 7th person she kills?? But i guess its not a person but a dog..! :(

The end of the movie is typical Bollywood exaggeration God coming down on earth and dancing with her!! Gimme a break!
But other than that its a Super duper dark freaky movie that leaves u dumbstruck!

Surely a one time watch! :) 

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  1. eer sweety it isn't the dog that she kills, it is GOD actually.. :P her 7th husband!...
    remember she becomes a nun in the end?...she finally marries a man who truly loves her no matter what..
    n somehow she feels she has killed d god inside her in d process of killing so many ppl..
    dt is why she confesses in the end, "saat khoon maaf".. :)