Friday, 8 April 2011

Dreaming with my feet...

Constanze said  ' dancing is like dreaming with your feet'. I couldn't agree more.

Owing to a gap of a year and a half year the euphoria i felt while dancing had faded into oblivion. However now am back to dancing so is my euphoria and how!
Contemporary dance has always been an attraction and seeing those beautiful bodies of contemporary dancers move with such fluidity, such finesse has never failed to give me goosebumps! It always looks so effortless and so simple but mind u i may be just two classes old and its insanely difficult! Leave alone fluid postures and expression maintaining your balance is a huge achievement! But the sheer beauty of this form of dance motivates u to carry on... All my life i have danced many forms but till i tried contemporary no form had managed to give me that freedom of expression and unleashed an gigantic sea of emotions in me that i dint even know existed!
Have u ever danced and surrendered yourself to the music.. let the music flow through you to create something gorgeous, let your emotions flow to the extent that you are so overwhelmed, u want to cry!
It  makes u dizzy with emotions... happiness sadness pain  love anger desire pleasure all at once.. through dance you give them an outlet, a chance to engulf you with their complete intensity.

Someone once said, there are many shortcuts to happiness dancing is the easiest!
so let yourself go.. put on some music and let the dance flow through you.. see what you create..

After all dancing is just like love... only when u surrender yourself completely to it will u know the power the fullness and the bliss that it brings into your life!

So keep dreaming... :) 

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