Sunday, 20 February 2011

My First Blogpost! *Triumphant smile *

So finally after months of procrastination and the oh-i-want-to-make-a-blog-but.... I am finally here! * applause for myself* 
When i googled "how to make your own blog" ( yes i did that.. go figure!) it said that ppl get all excited abt making their own blog and at the end of the process they dont know what to write! I brushed that thought aside thinking that its ridiculous! How can ppl not know wat to write! I have so much on my mind that i want to pen down already!! 
Alas! after going through the step by step procedure of creating a blog, thinking of a name that as google said "encompasses the essence" of your blog ( believe me that put u under a lot of pressure!) designing and redesigning your homepage, adding nice pictures and a note abt oneself! when things did finally boil down to actually writing my first post.. guess wat? I dint know wat to write!!!!! * rolls her eyes* 

So here i am accounting my entry into the colossal world of blogs! * awestruck eyes* 

Welcome here,  Me! :) 


  1. Yes!!! I'll be your most loyal follower! XX!!

  2. u have just perfectly written down the actual feelings of the person who is totally new into all such things.. and i loved the way u hv put it up!!! my darrling its a truly gr8 honor to read ur write ups... i am looking forward for the best in u on the paper down.. muaaaaaaaah!
    lots of love :)